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Adult Kenpo Karate Classes Gloucester

Are you looking for an activity to do in the week, to de-stress, get fit or just be around some other adults for an hour a week? If you answered yes then our class could be just what you are looking for. We tailor our classes to each individuals needs and are completely inclusive to all abilities. We are completely family run and have been based in Gloucester for the past 8 years.

Our class is a friendly self defence based class, which focuses on exercise and stretching, but also learning the traditional art of Kenpo Karate. It is perfect for anyone who has no experience. 

We offer everything from just training one session a week, to optional weekend events or for the super adventurous we also offer friendly competition to European level competition training. Something for everyone. 

Best thing to do is come along for a taster session and see what it is we do, as it may not be anything like what you might expect from a martial art. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Head Instructor - Sinéad Byrne

Sinead Byrne Martial Arts Teacher Glouce
Shidoshi Sinead seminar 2018
Kenpo Karate and Self Defence Classes fo

Sinead is a 8 times world champion Kenpoist, who holds a 2nd Dan Black belt in Kenpo Karate but also a 6th Dan Black belt in Bujinkan (traditional Japanese martial art) 

Sinead is the head instructor for Kenbu Dojo, which focusing primarily on teaching children of all abilities but now due to demand is teaching an adult class where parents can learn what their kids are doing or just try something completely new. 

It is rare to have a female instructor of such a high level of experience and understanding of martial arts in general. But also one who is deeply passionate about what she teaches and how she helps people achieve their goals. 

Sinead's adult class is open to everyone and anyone who wishes to give Kenpo Karate a go, if you are super shy don't worry we will look after you and guide you through what we do each week. If you are super confident we will help push you with some new challenges and goals. 

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If you are worried about crazy fees, contracts etc. You have nothing to worry about. We offer both a monthly payment option and a pay as you go option. So you don't pay for the nights you cannot attend. We try to keep everything as affordable as possible, because we know that life is expensive in general.

New member Testimonial

Clare Kirkpatrick, Mum of 4 - Gloucester

"I have never enjoyed sports and have never been drawn to martial arts, but last year a minor health scare made me determined to lose weight and to enjoy doing it. I knew I'd get bored going to a gym or aerobics so I decided I'd sign up for activities that were completely out of my comfort zone and, for the first time in my life, considered martial arts. As Sinead has taught three of my daughters and was clearly a great mentor and role model, particularly for girls, I was delighted when she said she was planning to start teaching adults and that I could go along to her older kids' group to see what I thought. 

Yes it was a huge challenge to do something so completely unfamiliar to me but Sinead and her group of amazing kids were welcoming, supportive and encouraging and it turns out that its hugely rewarding and thrilling to rise to a challenge like this. 

I've learned so much more in the last seven months than just how to do techniques. And it's so much more fun that I ever expected it to be! I would encourage anyone to have a go at Kenbu, whether you think its your thing or not because I'm living proof that you never know until you try!"

This class is currently closed due to Covid 19 and government restrictions. However we will be back very soon. Contact us below for further details of start dates, or for more information.

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St Peters Social Centre,



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7:15pm - 8:30pm