November 10, 2019

On Nov 3rd 2019, we took a team of 20 junior students to compete at this years British Kenpo Karate Association Championships in Exeter, Uk. 

It was an early start with the coach arriving at 6:30am to pick up a lot of super nervous  students in Gloucester and a very emo...

Are you or your child shy, quiet, weak or small? Are you instantly thinking negatively when you hear these words? That’s why what we do at our Kenbu Dojo is so important. We don’t take students to “fix” them or to teach them how to be the opposite of those words. No, i...

April 16, 2019

When a parent decides to sign their child up to join a club or activity. No matter what age they are, I always say they should try a number of different activities to see what they really like in the world of sports. For example if your child is 4 years old and wants t...

Never worked or fought so hard before,

And muscles have never been this sore,

Strike after strike and block after block,

Kicking and punching and arm in a lock,

Face of determination and belief,

Breaks between each round of sparring were brief,

Sweat dripping and sticking wi...

January 27, 2019

We’ve been back from the winter break for 3 weeks now, which means that we’ve had time to learn something new for the whole class. We were busy before, training for the tournament, but now it’s a new year and we