We are super excited to announce that our classes will be re-opening! We have missed you all. Kenbu Dojo will now be taking new member bookings for September start. 
To book on to a class for September, please CLICK HERE to go to our bookings page and fill out a booking form. We very much look forward to meeting you - Shidoshi Sinead

Who We Are

We are a Martial Art, developed and designed specifically for children by eight times world Kenpo Karate champion and Budo Warrior Schools instructor Sinead Byrne. The classes are structured to fit the children's abilities and needs, and not the other way round. A class where children can make friends, learn something new and improve various skills and fitness in the process.

Karate Kids Gloucester
Gloucester Martial Arts Class


This class is fresh and new and taught by an instructor who has dedicated her whole life so far to working with children of all ages and abilities. Come along with your child and have a friendly chat or even join in, the classes are taught in a very relaxed atmosphere. Allowing each child to improve in themselves at their own rate and abilty.

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What We Offer

All childrens classes are run by Sinead Byrne. Sinead is a vastly experienced martial artist with extensive involvement, understanding and background in teaching martial arts to children. Sinead also works with a variety of children in her day job, including vulnerable young people and children with special educational needs. She is very dedicated to teaching young people all round and always endevours to include each child equally.


Classes are suitable for children from the age of five years old. Each class consists of a fun learning experience and unlike other martial arts classes the focus is placed on teaching children as individuals and not as a group of people. Sinead puts a lot of emphasis on each child, helping them to improve in their own way. This teaching style helps to build confidence and life skills that can be used inside and outside of classes, while having fun and keeping active.


Sinead has used her vast experience to develop a completely child friendly martial art, Kenbu, which is a mix of Kenpo Karate and Bujinkan. Taking aspects from two martial arts and using the concepts and ideas from both, that work best for teaching children. Using the serious training of Bujinkan Ninjutsu to bring out good balance, confidence and practical training. While also bringing the fun, sporting elements of sparring from Kenpo. Mixed together it will prove to be a true child friendly martial art. And not a adult martial art taught to children. 


Feel free to take your child along to any of our classes, to have a look and meet Sinead and the other children. Your child may join in or just watch the first time, whichever is more comfortable for them. The first class is completely free.


There are no hidden costs, and parents can choose whether to pay each session or monthly, what ever is easiest and most convenient for you. There is a once off joining fee, which your child will get the joining costs, annual membership and also a FREE training suit and belt. This one time only fee is only charged once parents are happy their children wish to stay. As Sinead is only too aware how quickly children can change their minds.


Red and Blue Kenbu Uniforms
Uniform and Belt Grading System 


When you join one of our classes, you will automatically get your very own FREE training suit and white belt. Which is what each child really loves. Our two separate classes in Gloucester have a different colour uniform. So depending on which class you join will determine what colour suit you get, either a Blue suit or a Red suit. 


The grading system is done with a series of colour belts. Starting at white belt and going all the way to black belt. With a number of colour tips between each grading also.


The grading system is there to inspire the children and give them a goal and sense of achievement. There is a syllabus all children must learn and perform at their best ability for each grade. Full belt grading's are done a certain times each year, depending on when each child is ready.