Have a look at some of our short but fun Kenbu videos.

(More videos are visable from a desktop computer than on mobile)

Videos from 2019

Our first ever Summer Ninja Camp 2019

We had so much fun at our Summer camp this year. Which ran for 4 days over the summer holidays. It was jam packed full of fun and games. Will you join us next summer? 


Videos 2017 & 2018

B.K.K.A Jr Championships 2018

Our first ever Kenbu team ventured out into the Kenpo world and competed at the 2018 British Kenpo Championships. They did fantastic! We are super proud of each of them.

Teaching for the 1st time

One brave boy at our Bristol Dojo, asked politely if he could teach the warm up at the dojo. He turned up prepared and did an absolutely fantastic job! 

Budo on the Beach - 2017

Every year for the past 5 years we have held our huge Budo training weekend. Where all the children can attend and try new martial arts and learn from some top instructors from across the UK and abroad

Easter Kenbu Fun 2018

At our small group class, two students brought along some easter eggs to share. So we hid them and had super good fun on a ninja egg hunt! 

1st Inter club Kenbu Tournament 2017

A quick glance at our first ever inter club tournament. Where our 5 Kenbu classes all competed against each other over one day in both Forms and Points Sparring.

Halloween Budo 5 - 2017

The biggest ninja fancy dress event of the year! This year we played some super fun Halloween games with a ninja twist. And had an award for best costume. As voted for by the kids in attendance. 

What's in the box?

Testing our Ninja and Kunoichi bravery! Who will be brave enough to guess what is inside the box?

A week in the life of a Kenbu Kid

A brief look into some of our Kenbu Kids classes in Gloucester and Bristol. 

A night in a temporary venue

For one night only we had to use a new venue, as ours was having some maintenance done. So we had some fun! 

Videos from 2016

Blind folded Kenbu Kids

Testing our skills of instruction as well as trust. As we guided our friends through a ninja obstacle course using only our voices. 

Kenbu Kids Classes 

A brief look into some of our Kenbu Kids classes in Gloucester and Bristol. 

Bristol Kenbu Kids become ninjas! 

One of our newest classes in Bristol started after a bunch of kids contacted Sinead asking her to start a class in Bristol. After a trial run, they all showed their warrior spirits and officially became ninjas!