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6 week course for only

Course Includes

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  • 2024 membership

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  • Club T-shirt

  • White belt

(Normal cost £125)

Kenbu Dojo Gloucester

About Us

Kenbu Dojo a fully inclusive, family oriented martial arts club for children and adults, based in the heart of Gloucester. The specifically structured training syllabus uniquely combines Kenpo Karate and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, which ensures that all students will learn and explore both a modern sporting system and a traditional Japanese martial art. 


Kenbu Dojo provides a fun, safe and nurturing environment where the focus is on learning the skills of a martial art, in which most of the students have grown up within this structure, developing the core skills of coordination, discipline, fitness and loyalty. Students can enjoy the simply once a week meeting friends while learning a useful skill, while others train up to five days a week, and aim to compete at national and international level, there is something to suit all students. 

We also do lots of extra activities as a club, board game nights, picnics in the park, ninja nights, Japanese days, camping trips... the list goes on. 


For more information regarding the right group for yourself or your child, please click the appropriate class groups below.

About the Instructor

Sinéad Byrne is eight times World Kenpo Karate Champion, and has nurtured children all her working life, she has a passion for teaching martial arts and developing a style that is very specific to children, but also teaches a fantastic Kenpo Karate class for adults. Sinead believes that every child or adult no matter their ability or circumstance should have the chance to join a group which they can truly feel part of, and to be encouraged, and celebrated for being the unique individual that they are. 


Sinead has been training in and teaching martial arts for 23 years, she is a fully qualified sports coach, childcare practitioner, first aid trained and DBS checked. Sinéad currently holds the rank of 6th Dan Black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and 2nd Dan black belt in Kenpo Karate. 


Sinéad Byrne is an impressively unique and dedicated individual and inspirational instructor with care and understanding that goes above and beyond the usual, to ensure her students are learning and supported inside and outside of class.


If you want to read more about Sinead you can click here. 

Sinead Byrne European Grand Champion 2022
Ninjas 4-7.png

Kenbu Ninjas

4-7 year olds


Adult/Teen Kenpo Karate

Beginners Age 15+


Kenbu Warriors

Beginners Age 8+

Additional needs-01.png

Additional Needs/
Private Sessions

All Ages


Kenbu Shinobi

Beginner/Intermediate Age 8+

womens lessons-01.png

Female Only Class

Age 14+


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