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Additional Needs

Noah started Kenbu 2.5 years ago after struggling to find a suitable Dojo or instructor who was confident to support autistic children. From the first lesson Shidoshi Sinead was warm and welcoming and clearly understood autism and children in general. All of the children have great respect for Sinead, each other and the club. After each lesson Noah comes out sweaty and smiling! Sinead constantly offers the children opportunities to grow, not only in their martial arts but also as individuals. She teachers them perseverance, sportsmanship, belief In themselves and that we all have something to celebrate about ourselves. 
Sinead continues to offer members opportunities to test themselves and Noah enjoys the Club tournaments and the opportunity to go compete at the British Championships.
Sinead makes everyone feel welcome and part of the group.
Noah has grown in so many ways since he started at Kenbu, his confidence has grown, he is fitter and proud of the new skills he learns and the friendships he has built at Kenbu.  Noah’s most favourite thing is weapons training and Sinead is patient and knowledgeable about the history of martial arts which Noah loves. - Pippa Baker-Walsh

Shidoshi Sinead believes that everyone has a right to try a martial arts class (or any other activity for that matter), by joining a class that is already offered. Instead of having to find a “Specialised group”. Our Dojo is built of many different people, with different likes and dislikes, different needs and disabilities, different shapes and sizes etc. We work very hard to help everyone feel welcome and included in what we do. We adapt our teaching and classes to suit each individual, but at the same time work together as one group. With the support of Shidoshi Sinead and the other assistant instructors in our class. 


We offer a number of classes, which range from quite busy to much smaller groups. This is how we have always done our groups. Not based on making money, instead we base our group sizes on the individual needs of our students. So whether your child enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy class, or perhaps requires the quiet and calm of a small group. We are sure we have something that may suit you. 


Our goal is to make you feel part of our extended ninja family, be included and have the option to take part in all our events and friendly tournaments, throughout the year. 


We don’t pretend to know everything about additional needs or disabilities, but we do know a lot about how all people are different. We will spend lots of time getting to know you and your child, helping with your training and reaching new goals you may never have thought possible. 


We understand that the first barrier may be to even get to a class, as you may have anxieties or worries about various aspects of what to expect. So please know that we will do everything we can to help you get to your first class. 


Some of the things we can do: 


  • Send you photos of our training hall,  the outside of the building and inside. Photos of the class and instructor. So you can see the sequence of how we work and what to expect. 


  • We can meet you and/or your child to have a chat about our class, and tell you all about the things we do and answer questions, so you can meet Shidoshi Sinead before ever going to a class. 


  • We can have someone meet you outside the hall after you have booked on and walk inside with you, so you have someone to show you what to do and so you do not feel on your own. 


  • If you have a medical concern or would like to tell us more about your additional needs, we can meet in advance or speak over the phone. All your information will be kept private and confidential. And will only be used to help us understand your needs more, so we can better help you during class. 


  • When you book on, you can come along and just watch part of a session or a full one, you do not have to join in on your first day. In fact we will only encourage you to join in with us, when you feel comfortable to do so. 


We understand that starting something new can be hard with many more barriers or obstacles you feel might be in your way. So please get in contact with us and we can discuss your worries and concerns and try and help you find a way to build up the courage to come along for your first session. 



To book on or to ask some more questions please click here to go to our contact page.

Private Sessions

One to One

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available throughout the week, contact us with the days and times you would like to book.

Private sessions are perfect for current students or for new students who may not have time to commit to a regular class or perhaps the class times do not suit your schedule or maybe you simply wish to take your.

Private sessions are a way in which you can train with Head instructor Shidoshi Sinead on a one to one basis. Focusing on exactly what you want or need for your current level of training. 


Private sessions are perfect for current students or for new students who may not have time to commit to a regular class or perhaps the class times do not suit your schedule or maybe you simply wish to take your martial arts training development much further. 


Here are 6 reasons why you should take Private Lessons

Did you know that private lessons can really help you get ahead. Here are the top 6 reasons to compliment your martial arts classes with private lessons:


1 – Accelerate your learning

Private lessons are a great way of accelerating your learning. Students that take private lessons get the complete attention of Shidoshi Sinead and progress faster than just taking classes. Shidoshi Sinead can focus on specific areas you want or need to work on and help you improve in these areas and get results quicker. With individual attention to details it can help you pick up skills easier and perfect the things you have already learned. 


2 – Personalised training

We all know that some people are better in some areas than others. With private lessons Shidoshi Sinead can really help you improve areas you find difficult by creating a tailored programme based on your strengths and weaknesses and learning style to get the best results. Maybe you want to brush up on the syllabus ready for your gradings, maybe you need a little extra help with competition training, maybe you want to get fitter and tone up or perhaps you want to learn a completely new aspect to your training. With a private lesson the choice is yours.


3 – Train when it's convenient for you

Private lessons are booked at a time to suit you so they fit your schedule. Shidoshi Sinead is flexible with private lessons and will work to fit your preferred training times. Many people struggle to find time to attend regular martial arts classes and private lessons can be the answer because they can fit in with your personal availability. Or if your private lesson is in addition to your current class based training, then we can find a time to suit around your other classes. 


4 – Catch up on missed sessions

Had to miss a class but don’t want to fall behind? Well a private lesson could be just what you need to catch up. And because you have 100% of Shidoshi Sinead’s attention you’ll not only catch up you’ll learn to develop the skills and techniques to an even higher level than just classes alone. Giving you confidence to know and understand the material being taught while you were away. 


5 – Gain confidence and have fun

Private lessons can deliver results and nothing develops confidence like getting results. Succeeding is fun and having fun leads to better results. That is a positive circle that will only grow with time. For a lot of people taking private lessons is what they need to get the confidence to go into a group class. For others it may be that you want more confidence to compete at British or European championship level and want that extra boost to your training. 


6 – Reach your goals – fast

Do you have a grading coming up or maybe you have some other goal and you want some help to get there. Private lessons enable you and your instructor to understand what your goals are and set up a plan to get there. You can’t beat one on one attention to help you read those goals or help you along your martial arts journey.


Private lessons help to minimise frustration. For some people frustration can create determination, in others it can discourage them. Sometimes all it takes to get over the frustration is a little one to one attention. Whether you are in our Kenbu Ninjas group right up to our Adult Kenpo classes, private lessons can help get you to the next level and help achieve your goals. If you are interested in finding out more or booking a private session. Contact us using  the contact link below. 


We look forward to tailoring your personal journey! 

Additional Needs
Private Sessions
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