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Head Instructor - Sinéad Byrne

Sinead Byrne Martial Arts Teacher Glouce
Jaki McVicar and Sinead Byrne Kenpo
Marc Moor and Sinead Byrne Noda Japan

Sinead is a 8 times world champion Kenpoist, recently European Grand Champion 2022, who holds a 2nd Dan Black belt in Kenpo Karate but also a 6th Dan Black belt in Bujinkan (traditional Japanese martial art) 

Sinead is the head instructor for Kenbu Dojo, which focuses primarily on teaching children of all abilities but now due to demand is teaching an adult class including a Ladies only group each week. 

It is rare to have a female instructor of such a high level of experience and understanding of martial arts in general. But also one who is deeply passionate about what she teaches and how she helps people achieve their goals. 

Sinead is a proud member of I.K.K.A Europe and the British Kenpo Karate Association (B.K.K.A.) Sinead trains under Ms Jaki McVicar, one of the top female Kenpoist's in the world. Who has trained and tested with late Grandmaster Ed Parker. Ms McVicar is truly a great teacher and mentor and is loved deeply by students at Kenbu Dojo. Sinead regularly travels down to Torquay and Exeter to train with Ms McVicar and also at Mr Matt Snells class in Exeter. 

Sinead earned her first black belt in July 2007 in San Carlos Mexico, testing under an international panel at the International Kenpo Championships and in 2009 travelled to Las Vegas, under the same organisation tested successfully for her 2nd Dan.

"Sinead is a very talented, dedicated and versatile martial artist who always goes that extra mile to ensure her students become the best they can be. If you have a chance to train with her you will thoroughly enjoy it." - 8th Degree, Kenpo Black Belt, Associate Master of the Arts, Jaki McVicar (Read more about Ms McVicar HERE)

Sinead is also a student of Dai Shihan Marc Moor in the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and a member of Budo Warrior Schools. Regularly training every week under his expert instruction. Marc has over 50 years experience in martial arts and has worked as a professional bodyguard all over the world. He teaches based on his life experience which is invaluable. 

Through the Bujinkan, Sinead travels regularly to Japan to train directly under Grandmaster Hatsumi Soke and all the other Japanese teachers, at the Honbu Dojo, Noda, Japan. This is where Sinead earned her title Shidoshi after taking her Sakki test for her 5th Dan in October 2016, under the watchful eye of Hatsumi Soke. 

"Sinéad Byrne is a committed martial artist who continually works to improve her considerable skillset. Sinéad has several times traveled to Japan to train directly under Hatsumi Soke and under his authority she has been awarded her 6th Dan black belt. Sinéad is a dynamic role model and also an inspirational instructor." - Dai Shihan Marc Moor, Budo Warrior Schools (Read more about Marc Moor HERE)

Sinead's adult and Children's classes are open to everyone and anyone who wishes to give Kenbu Dojo a go, if you are super shy don't worry we will look after you and guide you through what we do each week. If you are super confident we will help push you with some new challenges and goals. 

For more information on Sinead and to check her credentials you can see her full details on BMABA's instructor Verify page HERE

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