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The most important people to tell you about any martial arts class, are the ones who have experienced it first hand. So here are some honest comments I have been sent, by some of my current parents of the class. 

Ben Bishop


"Leo has been really engaged with the experience of being in Sinead's class. He looks forward to each class with great anticipation. Sinead clearly knows her stuff when it comes to martial arts, but just as important, she has the teaching skills to progress her pupils' understanding and skills. I am particularly impressed by the social dynamic Sinead creates in her class: pupils of different ages and abilities feel able support each other, with more experienced pupils often coaching the younger or less experienced ones. The atmosphere is positive and purposeful; fun but disciplined."

Jo Wilton


"Erin loves Budo. She looks forward to it every Tuesday. There is a welcoming, family feel and Erin has made lots of new friends. Sinead has a calm, relaxed manner but has earned the utmost respect from the children who all hang on her every word. Erin is encouraged to work harder and be the best that she can be- she loves to earn new belts and relishes a challenge. Budo on the beach was the highlight of the year- a whole day of ninja skills by the sea!"

Sven Kirkpatrick

"How refreshing to find a class which is non pressuring, welcoming and to have an instructor who is keen to pass on their passion for something they love. This is the first group/hobby that my daughters look forward to going to and participating in. The warm, friendly reception they receive each week from Sinead and the way she captures the attention of the group yet treat them as individuals is an amazing skill. All this put together is exactly what we've been looking for. It is a joy to see my daughters self confidence, commitment and skills grow with Sinead and the other students who attend Budo."

Gaylee Langley


"Absolutely the best, friendliest group i have met, My son has special needs and they welcomed him with open arms and make him feel at ease at every session, He loves going every week and enjoys learning with Sinead"

Scott Mackay

"Sinead has a natural gift when it comes to teaching kids. I sneak in to watch the last 5 minutes whenever possible and thoroughly enjoy watching the lesson. My young (and usually quite shy) daughter attends each week and these classes really bring the best out in her. Having done martial arts myself, I understand the importance of the lessons taught, such as respect and discipline. This class is a real confidence booster and a lot of fun! Cannot recommend enough."

Rebecca Lightfoot

"My 2 sons aged 6 and 9 joined the Bristol Kenbu class when it began after a taster session at their school had opened their eyes to the wonders of Martial Arts! It's been fantastic to see them involved in a sport that has totally different disciplines and ethos to the team sports offered in the other after school activities they do. Kenbu has done wonders for their focus, concentration, perseverance and discipline. 


It's great to have another influence to reinforce the 'right and wrong' in life - It's not just your parents nagging! As an ex teacher I feel this is really important, especially for boys, as they reach those middle childhood years, when they look to other people outside the family unit for a lead to follow.


This became particularly important for us in recent months when my husband was tragically killed in a motorbike accident. Kenbu has given the boys a channel for their energies, both good and bad; an environment where they feel safe to escape the every day impact of what life is like in the wake of such shocking change. Sinead and Marc have dealt with our news with enormous sensitivity, kindness and compassion. They have celebrated the boys' courage, resilience and spirit, which has in turn helped us all as a family. My boys are very proud to call themselves Sinead's little Ninjas!"

Mark Phillips

"As parents we have nothing but gratitude and greatest of respect to your contribution to Nyla's development over the past 12 months. From a little girl who was very nervous to even enter the martial arts room to someone who has now grown so much in confidence.  We remembered when one of us had to walk Nyla in plus had to stay around and she would actually checked that we hadn't left her. But now, as soon as she gets to the door for her class, she is asking us to leave her and come back at the end of her class. There's no doubt in our mind that you have a natural aura about you that's brings out the best in Children. We honestly feel that Nyla joining Budo Warrior was the best decision we  could have made for her.  At budo warriers the environment is very welcoming and  relaxed. The children are happy and feel part of the club. Your teaching style enables them to learn new skills which they are able to apply in challenging situations."

Carrie Hayward

"Alfie has been training with Sinead for a while now and he still gets excited week . Over that time he's grown in confidence greatly from the first class where he wouldn't join in to now wanting to go to every class and event he can.  He is so proud to be part of Sinead's class and tells everyone he knows about it."

Paula Raine


"Sinead is a fantastic instructor, she teaches 4 of my children & she is wonderful with them. My little girl adores Sinead! Two of my sons have ADHD & autism & they love coming to ninjutsu, one of them finds it difficult dealing with physical contact but he has been coping fantasticaly and Sinead has made others aware of his needs. My whole family attends training and we feel that we are just part of a bigger family"

Vicky Workman


"Love it! what can I say! Hmm ' Jacobs mood and general behaviour has vastly improved since joining sinead a year ago, he looks forward to every session and you can see the difference if he misses a class! Sinead has a fantastic relationship with every child and it pays off, Jacob adores her."


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