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Adult Kenpo Karate Classes Gloucester

Kenbu Shinobi
16+ Intermediate

Kenbu Shinobi

Monday 6pm to 7:30pm

(Age 16+ Beginners and Intermediate)

@ Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF


Thursday: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

(Age 16+ Mixed Adults)

@ Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF

Ever since I started Budo it has become a huge part of my daily life,  whether that's training in a class, practising at home or in a private lesson. It has provided me with so many amazing opportunities to participate in competitions such as the British Championships or the Virtual World Championships of lockdown 2020. I am so grateful to Shidoshi Sinead for all the help, support,  fun and guidance she has provided along the way.

Jay (Intermediate student)

This class is specifically for our experienced students who have trained for a number of years and have achieved the rank of purple belt or higher. But is also suitable for older beginners and adults age 14+


This class teaches well beyond the basics of our Kenbu style, focusing in depth within the system and perfecting movement, fitness, flexibility and all-round martial arts skills, from self defence to sport competition. There will be certainly something for everyone to try and to challenge themselves, and that’s a guarantee. 


If you are completely new to martial arts, this class is the perfect place to start. You will be guided by the other students in the class and learn all the basics you need to know in a friendly and supportive environment. 

We are quite a unique club and so we highly recommend coming along and trying a free taster session to see what you think and meet the group. We are really friendly and welcome new members throughout the year. We might even get you hooked for life on a martial arts journey. 

If you are one of our current members who have trained to purple belt or above. It is assumed at this stage of your training that students are dedicated and committed to their training and plan to continue for many years to come. Some students at this level have the goal of Black Belt or beyond, some want to become champions and compete for our tournament team, or dream of travelling to Japan to train with the greatest Shihan in the world, while others will simply enjoy training each week focusing on the many skills involved and creating vital habits that lasts a lifetime.


Also, there is the possibility of being a Junior Leader, who will learn the skills of teaching or coaching, while at the same time vastly improving their own knowledge and ability. This is the ideal  programme for those students who are looking towards becoming Junior Assistant Instructors who have attained the level of brown belt onwards.


For further details on how to book you or your child in for our intermediate class, you will need to contact Shidoshi Sinead. You can do so by clicking the link below. 

Kenbu Dojo Adult Instructors
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