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Kenbu Dojo Martial Arts Gloucester Teen

Kenpo Karate
Adult/ Teen Age 15+

Kenpo Karate

Monday: 6:00pm to 7:30pm

@Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF

Thursday: 6:30-8:00pm

@ Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF

These classes are now accepting new adult members. Contact us for further details. 

There will be certainly something for everyone to try and to challenge themselves, and that’s a guarantee !

This class is perfect for anyone from the age of 15 to adult to join something new and learn the art of Kenpo Karate. We are a family oriented, friendly group, which is happy with the inclusion of mixed abilities throughout our classes. So, whether you are looking for a class to improve your fitness, meet new people, learn a martial art or you might be someone who dreams of maybe gaining a black belt or competing at a national or international tournament. Let us tell you now, you are never too old to start! Come along and say hi to our Kenbu Dojo family.


Our classes are supportive, friendly and open to everyone. Within the class that also includes some older teenagers, we have a small group of mums and dads of current students, all of whom fully bond and support each other throughout every lesson. Class is taught by the fantastically talented and encouraging instructor Shidoshi Sinead Byrne. (Click here to read more about her) Whatever your preconceived ideas of what a martial arts class is, or isn’t, throw that out the window and come along with an open mind, and a sense of fun. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.


If you suffer from anxiety, shyness, medical concerns or have an additional need and find it hard to join new things. Please send Shidoshi Sinead a message using the contact link below. We will be only too happy to help you along with the process, everything from sending photos of the hall so you know in advance what to expect, meeting you outside the hall and walking in together, to meeting for a coffee to answer your questions. Whatever you feel you need, just let us know. It will be worth it, we promise! Some of our current members have mixed abilities and have various additional needs. So, trust us you will most definitely not be alone and we are fully understanding and patient.


Different aspects of the class are:


Kenpo Self Defence Techniques – There are a number of set techniques to learn for each belt, usually practiced with a training partner in a controlled manner. These techniques go from beginner to advanced and everything in between.


Kenpo Forms and Sets – These are a series of movements, learnt and practiced individually, without a training partner. These forms begin simply, and as you climb through the belts they get gradually harder.


Weapons training – We include a range of weapons training, from learning set forms to partner work and technique-based learning. Super fun and a good challenge if you have never trained with weapons before.


Point Sparring – This is a controlled method of fighting. Where the object is to score as many points as possible, or be the first to score a set amount of points, this is great fun, a challenge, and an even better supreme workout.


Competitions – As a Kenpo Dojo we hold a friendly tournament every December for our members. With the idea being that it gives you a taste of competition for the first time but also is a friendly and fun way to end the training year. Again, you are never too old to give it a try. If you really enjoy it, we also have the option to compete at national and european level.


Fitness and Flexibility – Our classes all start with a light warm up and stretching. Beginners start off slow and steady at a pace that is perfect for the individual. Overtime students will build up their fitness and flexibility. These warm ups are changed regularly, to keep things fresh and exciting.


Costs: We do not have any binding long term contracts to sign or extortionate fees to pay. What we offer is pay as you go or monthly options, and a one off joining fee, but with that you will receive your uniform and belt and membership for the year. That’s it, there are no hidden costs, no nasty surprises.  


To book your taster session or to ask some more questions please click the link below and fill out the online form.


We are a family run and family friendly dojo, all are welcome to join and we very much look forward to meeting you! 

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