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Karate Beginners Kenbu Dojo Gloucester
Ninjas 4-7.png

Kenbu Ninjas

4-7 years old

Kenbu Ninja

Monday 4:15pm to 5pm  

@ Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF 


Thursday: 4:30pm to 5:15pm

Montpellier Hall, Gloucester, GL1 1LF 

“Our 4-year-old son was very nervous and shy, when I took him to this class, I was amazed at how relaxed the class was and how engaged all the children were. We had tried several other classes around Gloucester, but Sinead really has the best attitude and manner, made sure that my son was happy and relaxed in class but also is always encouraging him to try his best each lesson. We are so happy we found this group and he is excited to test for his second stripe belt next month.” – Alice, Gloucester. 

Gloucester Beginners karate class

This is the foundation to martial arts training. The focus is primarily on developmental milestones and basic gross motor skills, listening skills and social skills, in line with the children’s ages and abilities, to help build confidence in a fun and encouraging environment while also learning new skills of Martial arts.


Shidoshi Sinead has spent many years working in childcare, she holds a level five certificate in Childcare and Sports Coaching, and so has developed a martial art that is entirely specific to children of this age group. Shidoshi Sinéad focuses on individuality, and her coaching style of nurturing and understanding is highly appreciated by all concerned. The classes are taught in small groups to ensure your child gets the most attention possible during each lesson.

This class follows the Kenbu Beginner Syllabus which helps the children learn the basics of what they need to know to test for new belts: each child will have their own training folder, this helps them to take control of their learning and to focus on what they have learnt, are currently learning and what is ahead for them. These folders are designed in reward chart form, meaning that your child will fill their book with stickers as they go along. The children are also encouraged to decorate the folder covers, both students and parents fully appreciate this fun and rewarding training tool. 

The classes don't focus the children’s movement as one whole group, rather your child is treated as an individual and encouraged to progress at their own rate. 


Belt gradings are achieved when a child is deemed ready by Shidoshi Sinéad. The first grading is white belt: after approx. 4-6 weeks of consistent training, then each belt increases slightly in difficulty and time span, in such a way as to gently give your child the chance to build up to each belt. There is a minimal cost for each belt. 

After achieving the final belt in this class, your child will graduate to the Kenbu Warriors group where they will have many more options available to them depending on their interests and goals in training. For example, weekend training events/seminars, to be a member of our Junior Kenbu Board to take part in Dojo decisions. There will be ample openings to keep students focused and busy for many years to come. Also your child will now have the choice to attend regular extra classes and thus, the opportunity to compete at British and European championships

It is important to note that Kenbu Dojo is not a fast track martial arts class. Shidoshi Sinéad looks at martial arts as a lifetime's hobby of innumerable skills to learn. 


The accomplishments of belts, white to black are not the primary focus of Kenbu Dojo, as that is upon the individual journey, development and achievements of each child. So, you will not find any 6-year-old black belts in our club. As that achievement takes many years of experience and dedication to attain.

For this stage of your child’s martial arts journey, it is vital that they get into a caring, nurturing environment that focuses on achievable, regular goals throughout their training, and of course, making friends and having fun.


We very much hope to hear from you soon. To ask any further questions or to book your child for their first taster session please click the link below and fill out the booking form.


We cannot wait to meet you!

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