Ladies only Self Defence Class Gloucester
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2nd April 2022

Female Only Classes
Kenpo Karate Class

Female only classes are for women that prefer to train in a single sex group or for religious reasons. Suitable for beginners of all abilities. Age 8 +


6 week introductory course for females aged 8+.

Cost is £65

Includes, joining fee, membership for 2022, Black Karate Uniform and White Belt (normally £125).

Training after the introductory course will be £33 per month and will continue at the same time and day as the course.  

Female Only Karate Class Gloucester
Female Only Self Defence Kenpo Karate Class
Female Only Kenpo Karate Classes Gloucester
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After starting up our first very successful female only martial arts class in January (at the request of some local Gloucester families)  we are now running regular introductory courses.  The idea of the course is to introduce students to the basics of Kenpo Karate under the expert tuition of female martial artist Sinead Byrne, who has now been teaching for over 20 years. This class will be 100% female only and in a private hall close to Gloucester Park (we hire the full building to ensure it is closed to the general public while lessons take place)

This is a totally unique class, as it will be taught solely by a female instructor. Sinead is a super friendly lady who, being an eight times world champion, truly knows her stuff. She is also incredibly caring and understanding and teaches in a very supportive and encouraging way. The class will focus on the basic skills of Kenpo Karate and get you moving and exercising completely to your level of fitness and experience. 

Classes will be fun, inclusive and a great way to learn self defence in a safe and understanding environment. It will be social and full of like minded female students all starting off in martial arts for the first time. So you are never too young, too old, too unfit, too fit to start training with us. There will be something for everyone. 

We very much look forward to meeting you and having you join our lovely little club here at Kenbu Dojo. 

To book your space on our next course, click the button below and follow the online booking form to secure your space.