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Returning to Learning

We’ve been back from the winter break for 3 weeks now, which means that we’ve had time to learn something new for the whole class. We were busy before, training for the tournament, but now it’s a new year and we are returning to learning.

Something that the whole class has recently been taught is kick set. No one knew it already, so it really was brand new. As it includes different types of kicks, learning and practicing it will improve everyone’s kicking skills - which is good not only for techniques, but for general ability too. Of course, everyone is still training for their next belt but that doesn’t mean new skills can’t be learnt as a class.

Speaking of the whole class, it’s now bigger than ever! It’s great that so many are joining us and fighting their way up the path to becoming a ninja. There is definitely a welcoming atmosphere and always lots of laughs (like laughing at Sinéad pronouncing words wrong because of her Irish accent). You make loads of friends through this club and really feel part of a cool community.

The sessions are constantly being adapted to what the class needs to improve. For example, last Monday we played an unusual version of limbo. Not with a limbo stick but with a Jo staff, and no bending back, but getting under using a horse stance instead. This will hopefully make sure that everyone remembers their horse stance when we’re bowing in and doing forms.

Anyway, we’re all hoping to learn new skills throughout 2019 (or rather 20ninjateen) and have fun on the way. Nothing beats laughing your head off whilst making progress.

Written By: Kunoichi from the Gloucester Dojo

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