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Happy New Year!

A recap of some of the amazing things everyone at Kenbu Dojo has enjoyed throughout the year of 2022. Shidoshi Sinéad has clipped as much as possible into one short video below….

We might be a small club, still regrowing after covid, but we are strong and mighty to say the least!

It has truly been a fantastic year, jam packed with more learning, adventures and challenges then ever before. We had many firsts, like competing at a European Championships, our first ever junior black belt, visiting instructors from abroad, games nights, demonstration/fundraising night, interviewed on BBC radio, recorded a local podcast…. The list just keeps on going!

Congratulations to every single one of our members, from the new students who were super brave to come and try your first class, to those who achieved new milestones and skills, right down to our hard core who competed abroad. Shidoshi Sinéad is inspired by each of you and so incredibly proud.

2023 will have a lot of very exciting things in the pipeline. So follow our social media and website for the news as it happens. And don’t forget to spread the word and encourage your friends and family members to come train with us this year! We have spaces available in most of our age groups, but they won’t last long.

See you all from January 9th onwards 🥳

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