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Kenbu Dojo Flies High

Did you hear our latest news and updates for our club fundraising this year?

Can Ninjas Fly?

Turns out the answer is in fact yes on this occasion, as we recently had Mark Hope literally fly high to raise money for the club through our gofund me page, by getting strapped to the top of an airplane and then staying put as it flew around at some high speeds across the air doing some stomach turning dives and turns! In an activity called Wing Walking! Not for the faint hearted.

We will have a video of this hopefully very soon, keep an eye on our socials! Some of our senior students went along on the day to cheer him on, laugh a lot and probably didn't help him with his nerves at all! lol But it was a lot of fun and we are incredibly grateful to Mark for doing it..... or relieved.... probably more relieved its over.... After all he is the ninja who attempted a pirouette on roller blades and fell and broke his humerus... which turns out is not quite as funny as you might think! What will he do next? Watch this space!

How many drinks can a ninja drink?

Turns out is almost £300 worth in the space of two days! At the recent KICK event two families worked together to gather donated drinks and snacks and then sell them throughout the event to raise money for the club and team. While there may have been the odd one or two very hyper kids spotted throughout the event from the lemonade for sale, everyone was kept hydrated all day in the warm and very busy venue. A huge thank you to the Ogden family for sourcing, collecting and carrying all the drinks! And a second huge thank you to the Balodis/Birch family who manned the table all weekend. Your efforts and hard work, has not gone unnoticed and the whole club would like to say a massive thank you to each of you involved. THANK YOU!!!!

Also a thank you to Lucozade in Gloucester for their generous donation to help the club and for supplying most of the drinks we had for sale.

How silent is a silent Kunoichi?

Turns out a silent auction is one of the quietest fundraisers we have ever had, not a word was spoken and yet over £200 was raised! The auction was run online by Izzy's Mum, Lindsey. Who really went above and beyond contacting local business's for some give aways and prizes, which was a very time consuming and tricky endeavour. We are so glad that she pushed through as this amount has really helped us get closer to our target fundraising amounts. There was loads of prizes up for grabs from haircut vouchers to family days out right down to a months free training at Kenbu Dojo for two lucky bidders! Thank you to everyone who bid and support the club, we hope you are very happy with your prizes.

How far can a ninja cycle?

One of our young students Fin is cycling up to 100 miles during his summer break to raise money for the club, along side his Dad Chris. Is he cycling on a nice flat path or road? Not entirely, this kid likes a challenge and as such cycled up the steepest hill known to man, then wizzed down it so fast on the other side across a terrain more shaky than a 007 cocktail! Only to find he survived, but his bike sadly didn't, as when he reached the end, his front wheel came flying off! Is Fin ok you ask? Of course! He is a Kenbu Dojo Ninja.... legend says he somersaulted gracefully off the bike, landing firmly on his feet in the best horse stance known to any Kenpo practitioner, then proceeded to use the time on the ground to quickly practice long form 3! This of course slowed his cycle down, but with his bike now repaired a few days later, he is pressing on and is just about two thirds of his way done with his cycle. He will continue to mountain bike until his target is reached! If you see him whizzing by over the next few days make sure to give him a cheer. Go Fin!

So as you can see there is so much going on at Kenbu Dojo its been hard to keep everyone completely updated! However we still need your support and help to reach our fundraising target. We kindly ask that anyone who can, sponsor us through the link below, every pound helps us get closer to the target and we are incredibly grateful for every penny. If you are not in a position to sponsor us directly then please help by sharing the link to our go fund me page or to this blog post. We would really appreciate it.

More news and updates to come....... these ninjas have many adventures left on the journey ahead!

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