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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

This year at Kenbu Dojo we had a special treat of some professional photographers coming to visit from Im Famous. As the whole club was required to come along for the group photo, we used the opportunity to have a club open day and fundraiser all in one.

Photographs - Everyone had some amazing fun posing for extra photos throughout the day, from smiling faces to angry eyebrows, we had it all! There was even some swords to pose with for that ultimate ninja picture. We got a really awesome group photo out of it too and a roller banner to display at the club. Can you find your face at class?

Tombola - We had a tombola table on the go all day and this proved very popular amongst all of our students and their families. Did you win a romantic meal for two or a tin of beans? The stakes were high with each ticket bought! Big thank you to all who donated a prize, to everyone who bought a ticket (or ten) and to Gill for looking after the table all day too.

Cake Sale - There was a huge amount of cakes up for grabs, baked by students, family and friends. We are pretty sure we caught some of the adult ninjas going back for 2nds....3rds and perhaps even 10ths! lol All for the worthy cause of our little clubs fundraising efforts. Thank you to everyone who baked and to Emma for sitting at the table all day.

Kenbu Equipment and Merchandise - We worked really hard to present all of our equipment to try and feel on the day, whether that's for optional hoodies or bags, right down to necessary equipment. At Kenbu Dojo we work really hard to keep our students safe and in equipment that will last for many years. We hope it made it easier for everyone to understand what you or your child require for training. Please also remember that all equipment must be purchased through the club, this keeps all our students safe and also supports our small family run club.

Water Soaker - To raise money for the European Team our students faced a soaking with sponges and buckets throughout the day! For just one pound you got to throw 3 sponges, £5 you could tip the entire bucket on their head and for £50 you could soak Shidoshi Sinead, a price tag she was sure would keep her out of the hot seat on the day. It worked until it was announced that Sinead's instructor Ms McVicar had left a £50 donation to soak her on her behalf. Of which we learned students cannot count as multiple buckets were poured over her head. A huge thanks to James and Fin for the idea and to James for sorting all the sponges and buckets too! Everyone had such good fun soaking the team!

Watch the short video below of some of the moments throughout the day! Don't forget to follow our Kenbu Dojo Social media accounts for up to date news, information and media throughout the week. Every like, comment and share on our pages really helps our little club grow and stay open for generations to come.

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