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B.K.K.A Junior Championships 2018

Dreams can only become a reality if you are willing to work hard enough to make it possible....

The first ever Kenbu Team, consisting of five specially selected students travelled down to Exeter in November 2018 to compete at the British Kenpo Karate Association, Junior Championships. Students were chosen from each of the club level groups based upon their hard work and dedication to training over the year. They then had to undergo extra training sessions and a lot of practice in order to be ready for the tournament. Which they all did fantastically well giving 100% effort all the way.

(Team members included Gloucester, Montpellier and Bristol Students)

We all travelled down bright and early that morning, meeting up at 9am in Exeter. There was pale nervous faces all round. So nervous they forgot their names at the signing in register table hehe Once the team got inside though they settled down and got ready for the day ahead.

Shidoshi Sinead gave them all some words of wisdom and assured them they would have a great day and to just enjoy every minute. Her words seemed to work and the kids were ready to go.

The day began with a warm welcome from the hosts at Flaming Fist Kenpo Club, then it was straight into Forms competition for the younger groups and with Sparring for the older groups. Suddenly our kids were leaping into action across the room.

All the children at the tournament were super lovely and as they day went on, our Team met loads of new people and got to know how other clubs do things. Which they all loved! But most importantly they all looked out for each other. Making sure that everyone in our team was supported in all their divisions.

As the day went on all the kids across the board competed to the best of their abilities. All smiling their way through it and enjoying every minute of the day. There was five 1st Place, one 2nd place and two 3rd Place awards amongst our team of five students over the course of the whole day. Each child performed fantastically and despite the nerves at first, they really stood up and showed everyone how truly great they can be.

It will for sure be a day for everyone to remember and will go down in our Kenbu Dojo history books forever. Such a huge challenge and such fantastic success.

If your child would like a chance to attend next years B.K.K.A. Junior Championships and be part of our amazing Kenbu Competition Team, keep an eye out for updates on applying to take part which will be out soon.

2019 is going to be yet another great year!

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